Our Principles and Background Information
  • “Inspiration” believes that every human being should be viewed from a humanitarian angle, having the right to live a life of dignity, in the least restrictive environment, with a right to make his / her own choices and participate actively in decision making.
  • “Inspiration aims at upliftment of the poor & oppressed, the destitute and the neglected, and those who have been gravely psychologically affected by the tensions of modern life. Their rehabilitation and bringing them back to mainstream of life is our target.
  • We aim to educate parents and families of the disabled in providing an encouraging, nurturing environment for the disabled children, their siblings.
  • For this we have done a number of programmes to create awareness among the public, on the causes of developmental disability and possible preventive measures, thus undermining superstitions and a misguided religious mindset, and to consequently building a scientific outlook on the problem.
  • To establish, operate & manage centers / schools for mentally deficient children, persons and slow learners.
  • To eliminate the superstitious beliefs and stigmas attached to the mentally disabled person, so that they be rehabilitated in society.
  • To develop awareness in youth about the hazards and reasons which may lead to mental disablity, to encourage investigation of the causes of mental disability and promote preventive and remedial measures.
  • To promote pre-vocational and vocational training, sheltered workshops and employment facilities for the mentally disabled.
  • To encourage the establishment of integrated set-ups and centers for “learning disabled children” and ultimately setting up a whole village for the mentally disabled, where they can have their own facilities like schools, post office, banks etc.

Over the years, Inspiration Centre has succeeded in striking a balance between professionalism, institutionalization and community involvement, as well as active involvement of the families, specially the mother.

The  salient features are :-

  • Young children below 6 years are taken into the classroom and early intervention services are provided on a regular basis. This has resulted in rapid improvement of the children, and checking many of the behavioural issues, which otherwise become established by that age. There’s no substitute for early detection and intervention. Through proper care, stimulation and intervention almost 75% of damage may be prevented from deteriorating into disability. It has been seen practically that in a nurturing environment – in the least restrictive conditions – the child may reach a remarkable level of improvement. Most schools in Delhi do not have these services.
  • IQ is not taken as a criterion for admission. Children below IQ 50 are also taken, and given specialized training in self-help skills.
  • Students, both children and adults, of all categories, mentally & intellectually challenged have been taken in. As and when the need arose, the required staff were taken in.
  • Children from slums, and low-income brackets are given free training at the centre.
  • The mother is encouraged to come along with the child, Free hands- on training is given to parents, as a result of which consistency is maintained at home and the institution. This results in rapid improvement of the children.
  • Inspiration Centre is the 1st Institution in Delhi to conduct the 1st , 2nd and 3rd level Care Giver’s Training under the National Trust, a statutory body, under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.
  • All teachers and caregivers are highly qualified and dedicated, who jointly work as a multi-disciplinary group to provide services to the special children.
  • Stress is given on pre-vocational and vocational training of boys and girls, depending on interest and family requirements.
  • From the very beginning, Inspiration has being giving particular stress and care in the empowerment of the mother. The development of a positive mindset helps in the improvement of the child, who is nurtured in a positive and scientific environment. The Care Giver’s Programme focused on training of such potential mothers from the low-income bracket, and Inspiration has been successful in helping society by such training. Regular meetings and trainings are held, free of charge, so that all families may participate in the rehabilitation of these special children. The active involvement of parents also encourages the development of positive attitude in the parents.
  • In June 2000, the parents from Inspiration Centre went in a large group of 24 for training to NIMH, SECUNDERABAD. These parents are now regular and motivated parents who are helping in the classroom also. Inspiration has regularly conducted free training programmes, some of which have been sponsored by NIMH, SECUNDERABAD & LAJPAT NAGAR. Parents from different states also participated and were able to take benefit from this free training.
  • There is a separate section for slow learners, who have been rejected from normal schools. These children are assisted to attain a certain level. Depending on age, they are then prepared from the National Open School. Use of computers and other modern devices have helped them to develop interest in education and some of them have successfully passed some of the exams. Most of these students have inferiority complex and low self-esteem. At the Centre, a lot of activities have been introduced such as Music, Dance, Drawing & Painting, Taekwondo and Participation in Special Olympics. Due to these, the children develop a lot of confidence, which also boosts their performance in Academics.
  • Inspiration has regularly conducted Awareness Programmes to create sensitivity in families and community at large, through entertainment programmes, where various resource persons were invited to speak on preventive measures and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Various Medical Camps were held to identify high risk mothers and give them counseling at an early stage.
  • Participation in Inter School Activities – Students from Inspiration Centre have participated in several functions and inter school competition.
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Future Plans

With the introduction of the NATIONAL TRUST ACT and the establishment of a fully functional NATIONAL TRUST, Inspiration aims at establishment of the RESPITE CARE AND RECREATIONAL CENTRE, which is the prime need of parents and children. Our target is to provide quality services, especially for those in society belonging to the low-income group who are generally refused services in other schools. Inspiration has not only been working with the special child in isolation. It has targeted on “ Empowerment of the Mother” or the woman of the house. It is generally seen that in a society where the women are suppressed, it has a strong and negative repercussion on the child; doubly so, if that child is one with special needs. So to ensure the rehabilitation of the special children, the need to develop the “ Group Living” concept has already been felt, and INSPIRATION has started the Respite Care for this purpose. This problem has to be addressed, specially so, when we address challenging problems such as  in autism, multiple handicaps and other developmental disabilities. 

Now the Group Home has been running under NavPrerna Foundation in Dehradun among sylvan setup, “away from the madding crowd” with greenery, no pollution and lots of space. There is provision for specific treatment, alternative therapies, behavior therapy and work therapy, for young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

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